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Meet Versa, your culinary companion

Making cooking and nutrition awareness convenient by introducing AI into the kitchen.


Reimagining the culinary experience

Making meals becomes simplified through our
natural language platform.

Stay in the loop


Meet Versa, an interactive and powerfully personalized natural language platform geared towards optimizing your cooking and nutrition experience. Access endless possibilities of highly coveted features by simply saying "Hey Versa".

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"Hey Versa, what can I make with an apple, onion, and pasta sauce"
"Hey Versa, add 2 tablespoons of olive oil"
"Hey Versa, swap onions with carrots"
"Hey Versa, what ingredients can I add to increase my protein"
"Hey Versa, order my groceries for the week"
"Hey Versa, show me my nutrition and when to stop measuring the flour for 3 servings"
"Hey Versa, what would you recommend I eat this week based on my progress"
"Hey Versa, show me how many items im missing for this recipe"
"Hey Versa, increase the portion size of this recipe from 2 to 5
your way.

Dive into the tech

Our platform creates a seamless connection between the Smart board and Mobile application.

  • Smartphone Connectivity

    Effortlessly connect your smartphone for a seamless experience. Achieve perfect harmony between your devices.

  • Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi Performance

    Enjoy rapid Wi-Fi connectivity with our advanced technology, ensuring you're connected at all times.

  • Intuitive Voice Command

    Direct your device with just your voice. Simple and natural interactions provide precise responses.

  • Modular Design

    Our innovative board detaches smoothly for easy washing and cleanup, embodying convenience and innovation with every use.

  • Long Lasting Battery

    Experience uninterrupted power from dawn until dusk. Our exceptionally reliable battery effortlessly supports all your day to day activities.

  • Precise Micro-Sensors

    Accurately measure your ingredients with ease. Our state of the art micro-sensors deliver unmatched accuracy for every recipe.

  • Water Resistant

    Venture into any recipe with confidence. Our design ensures protection and performance under any conditions.

  • Culinary Exploration

    Discover a world of recipes at your fingertips, tailored to inspire your next kitchen adventure.

  • Personalized Meal Curation

    Plan your meals with ease, transforming daily dining into a meticulously crafted experience.

  • Grocery Concierge

    Elevate your shopping experience with direct-to-doorstep grocery delivery, seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.

  • Nutrition Insights

    Embrace a healthier you with personalized nutrition guidance, designed to nourish body and soul.

  • Smart Pantry Organization

    Master your ingredients with intelligent pantry management, ensuring you always know what's on hand for your next masterpiece.

  • Intuitive Voice Command

    Speak your culinary desires into existence with state-of-the-art voice recognition, making kitchen tasks simpler than ever.

In the media

  • Won USA Today Editors Choice award

    At CES, we unveiled our latest innovations, drawing a keen crowd with our interactive demos. Our booth stood out for its blend of technology and design, where we demonstrated the real-world impact of our products. Our team engaged attendees with deep insights showcasing our commitment to advancing technology, one of whom was USA Today which awarded the Editors Choice Award. This event was a significant milestone, highlighting our dedication to innovation and the strong connection we foster with our audience.

    January, 2023
  • Google Cloud Startup Program

    Selected to become an AI Google startup due to our commitment to improving people's lives through the use of AI and smart kitchen appliances. This partnership provides Versaware with technical support, Google credits across their platforms  and business support. This partnership will accelerate our growth and strengthen our presence as we move forward with one of the largest companies in the world.

    July, 2023
  • Awarded Small Business of the Year

    Honored as Michigan Small Business of the Year by MCSB, our team's dedication to excellence and community impact has been recognized. Through our diligence, we've earned this prestigious distinction spotlighting our achievements statewide.

    May, 2022
  • Featured on MBC

    ARAM TV presents Seen 2, a docuseries hosted by Ahmed Al-Shugairi which boasts 3.2MM subscribers, our segment attracted 971K views, underscoring our innovative edge. The exposure illuminated our mission and achievements, connecting deeply with viewers and amplifying our message. This pivotal moment on a renowned platform not only expanded our reach but also solidified our impact within the eastern market, marking a significant milestone in our growth and outreach efforts. Give it a glance on YouTube (19:18).

    April, 2023

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