About VersaWare


The founders of VersaWare came together to solve a problem that most athletes, gym-rats, and nutritionally conscientious individuals deal with daily. The conventional process of monitoring and tracking the food you eat is a hassle that is time consuming, inefficient, and labor intensive. We all understand how much of a burden it can be simply to understand the breakdown of what we eat. Why should it take excessive amounts of time to adequately stay on top of our dietary health? It by no means should.

VersaWare equips individuals with the tools to tailor-make any meal to meet their desired nutritional goals, all without ever needing to clutter the kitchen, constantly log information into a mobile app, or use separate food scales and measurement devices. Just got back from the gym and want to consume 30g of protein? Trying to lose weight and need to make sure you don’t eat more than 1000 calories?


VersaWare products allow you to specify your nutritional requirements for any meal before you even start cooking, allowing you to alter ingredient portions that visual progress towards those targets, all in real time! Mobile applications, such as MyFitnessPal and MyPlate, don’t allow users to build meals towards their goals through automated data collection, subjecting people to a contstant game of 'guess-and-check' with their ingredient portions. This is the gap our company aims to solve, by pairing smart kitchen appliances with mobile software to make the accomplishing of your goals as quick and easy as possible. You can now more easily understand what it is that goes into your body by custom building any meal to meet your standards, without the extra effort!

The company is headquartered in Michigan to take advantage of one of the most prominent and experienced manufacturing havens in the world. Our partners have decades worth of consumer product, supply chain, and business development expertise to ensure the fluid and rapid progression of getting VersaWare products into the hands of customers!