Shipping & Returns

VersaWare is committed, above all, to the satisfaction of our customers. We believe strongly in providing the most authentic and secure experience for our early backers, and thus have assured pre-order customers that if they desire a refund at any point along our production cycle, VersaWare will refund the total amount back to the customer within 5 days of notice. 

If a customer requests a refund, all that is needed is a simple email to our account stating your full name, your order number, and the reason for requesting the refund. We will be in contact with you after notice of your email to ensure a smooth transition of funds back into your account! See refund details below...

Terms of Service

Pre-Order Policy

  1. Pre-order backers will get a 20% discount on retail product prices upon launch for their commitment to wait until VersaWare is ready to ship products.

  2. Pre-order backers will get an incentive-based e-book for nutrition as well as a fitness guide, for free, for their early commitment to purchase VersaWare products. 

  3. Pre-order backers will automatically be entered for a chance to win a $250 cash prize giveaway for their pre-order commitment to purchase VersaWare products.

  4. Pre-order backers will be sent monthly updates as to the progress of VersaWare development along with fun and interactive questionnaires to our early backers that highlight our appreciation for your early commitments to helping get VersaWare products to market. 


Refund Policy


  1. Pre-order backers have a right to request, at any time, up until the point of shipment of VersaWare products a full refund of their original purchase order so long as they adhere to the refund policy procedure addressed in section III. 

  2. Pre-order backers are subject to cover any additional ancillary costs, including but not limited to taxes or transfer charges, that exceed the original amount paid by the customer to VersaWare for the purchase of any pre-order combination of VersaWare products. 

  3. Pre-order backers who have followed the refund policy procedure appropriately are subject to a guaranteed refund of their original pre-order amount within 5 business days upon which they process the refund inquiry. If for any reason, VersaWare should expect delays in their refund obligation to the pre-order customer due, but not limited to, natural disasters, technical issues, economic collapse, employee difficulties, payment process issues, or legal roadblocks, the customer shall be subject to the additional delay in receiving their refund passed the promised 5 business day refund guarantee.


Refund Policy Procedure


If a customer who has pre-ordered a VersaWare product or products wishes to obtain a full refund for their order, up until any point at which the product has been shipped to the customer, the customer is subjected to perform the following:


Please email with the subject line titled “Pre-order refund”. In the body of the email, please simply state your full name, the receipt number given by Stripe, and a short description as to why you are requesting a refund.


Upon email confirmation for your refund inquiry, VersaWare will begin the refund process to refund the total amount the customer paid back into the same account to which they pre-ordered the VersaWare product(s). If for any reason a customer wishes to change the account to which they will be refunded, VersaWare will engage with the customer the appropriate and detailed process needed to satisfy the customers needs in accordance with all financial and corporate legality.


Product Specifications


  1. Pre-order backers can expect design and functional improvements to VersaWare products that enhance the aesthetic and ergonomics of the products before getting shipped to customers. The VersaBoard and VersaBowl prototypes seen in our marketing videos are expected to improve upon launch. The overall experience for customers as to the basic specifications that the minimum viable products can do now will serve as the baseline for the products functionality. VersaWare encourages the continual feedback and insight from its customers, on an ongoing basis, as to how VersaWare products can be improved or enhanced to make a more compelling product for its users. 

  2. Pre-order backers can expect function upgrades and feature improvements to the VersaWare mobile application before launch by means of adding additional SAAS subscription services, such as AI recipe building and personalized nutrition mentoring. VersaWare encourages continual feedback and insight from its customers, on an ongoing basis, as to how the VersaWare mobile application can be improved or enhanced to make a more compelling interface for its users.